Swimming Pools- Shapes and Sizes  

by Pool Builders on 01-05-2012 in Articles

Whether you have a small yard and want the whole area to be a sort of oasis or if you have a large yard and want just a small part to be sectioned off for one of the many swimming pools that are available, you will want to choose the shape and size that works best for you. You will be able to choose from a Lazy L, True L, Oasis, Double Roman, Rectangle, Grecian, Radius Rectangle, and perhaps others.

The Lazy L swimming pools look actually more like a j in the way the pool is shaped. It is an L-shaped pool with a curve rather than a pointed turn in the pool. The pool runs in a few different sizes, and you would want to choose what size based on the space it will be filling. The three sizes are 16x40, 18x43, and 20x46. Whether you choose this pool or another style will really depend on what your style is and the size and shape of your space.

The True L is exactly what it sounds like. It is a pool that is L-shaped without the slight curve like the lazy L. If you like things to be exact and straight, then perhaps this will be the pool for you. This pool comes in only one size, and that is 18x40.

Oasis swimming pools could almost be described as a subtle heart shape. It will probably take up more overall space than either pool that has an L-shape, so it will depend on how much pool you really want in your space. This pool comes in two sizes, 16x34 and 18x36.

The Double Roman Pool is a long, rectangular pool with unique ends to it. This pool comes in four different sizes. It can come in 16x32, 16x36, 18x36, and 20x40. This is basically a fancy styled rectangular pool.

The Rectangle pool is considered a standard style, and it is exactly as it sounds- a rectangle in shape. It is fairly versatile in size coming in six sizes. It comes in 12x24, 14x28, 16x32, 16x36, 18x36, and 20x24.

The Grecian is also considered standard. It looks similar to an oval cut diamond because it is basically oval with some cuts in the edges toward the ends. It will give you some variety and style that a simple rectangular shape does not have. It also comes in six sizes. They are 12x24, 14x28, 16x32, 16x36, 18x36, and 20x24.

The Radius Rectangle is another of many swimming pools available. It is similar to the Grecian style without the cuts in the end edges, so it has no sharp edges-just curved edges, but the straight, long sides make it look rectangular. This pool comes in six sizes. It comes in 12x24, 14x28, 16x32, 16x36, 18x36, and 20x40.

After considering the various shapes and sizes, you will want to see them either on a website for swimming pools or at a store that has models of what the various styles look like. The pool center should have a professional who can help you make the best decision based on the space you have available for a pool.

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