Swimming Pools - The Positives and Negatives  

by Pool Builders on 01-05-2012 in Articles

Swimming pools are scary often times to people who have children. Pool accidents are common, but they really can be avoided. There are so many great reasons to have a pool at your home. There are health benefits and recreation benefits. The main negative reason is the danger, but there are ways to avoid this danger.

Swimming pools can be a great tool for exercise. You can not only swim in the pool, but you can also do aerobics in a pool. This type of exercise is non-weight bearing, so it is good for those with joint injuries and the elderly. A pool can also be great for recreation. There are a variety of games that can be played in a pool and can be great entertainment for parties.

The danger of swimming pools lies in a lack of competence. The only way it is dangerous is if a child or adult that does not know how to swim is by the pool alone. It is also dangerous if the owner allows people to run on the edge of the pool. When horseplay is taking place, terrible accidents can happen. No one should ever throw another person into a pool. The person being thrown in does not have the control of their body to avoid injury. If the pool owners keep a gate around their pool and keep it locked when there is no supervision, then many of these terrible problems can be avoided.

You may still believe that the dangers outweigh the benefits, and that is your choice, but you should know that if you will be responsible with your pool, you can help guarantee that no problems will take place that could have been avoided.

If you like the health benefits of swimming pools, but are nervous about the dangers, you could consider a small lap pool that makes you swim laps in a small space. These can still be dangerous if you have young children that could fall in, but as long as it is in a locked area, you would be avoiding many of the common dangers that swimming pools are known for. You would still get the benefit of this exercise without the worry.

If you own a pool and have young children or even if you do not have young children, there are things to consider. You should definitely have a locked fence and gate around your entire pool and if there is access from inside the house, that door should always be locked. You might have neighbor children that could fall in your pool if they somehow got in, so for this reason it is essential to always have your gate locked.

It is a good idea to always be present at any gathering. Never let your teenagers have their own pool party while you are gone or in the house. Things can get rough and before they know it, one of their friends is paralyzed, and you will feel responsible because you are responsible for what goes on at your home.

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