Swimming Pools - Top Six Common Signs of Pool Problems and Their Indications

by Pool Builders on 12-30-2008 in Articles

Swimming is a good exercise. Your heart and your lungs can benefit much from it. It is a way to burn those calories while injecting the element of fun. Most of us have access to swimming in pool, lakes and beaches. However, it is your privilege when you own a pool in your backyard. You can swim on it any time of the day without having to leave your place.

Swimming can be best in places with clean water. How do you know that is well maintained? There are indicators to it. It is difficult to say if the water in beaches, lakes and any natural bodies are clean. This is because you do not have control on it. Every person has access to it. They come and go in these areas. However, swimming pool waters are more controlled. No matter what kind of pool it is, indoor or outdoor, public or private, plaster or pebble pool, they need to be treated with chemicals in order to make them clean. However, you still need to watch out for the signs of deteriorating effectivity of your treatment. Doing so, prompts you to take action and avoid contamination of your pool water.

Here are some of the indicators:

Presence of algae or the water is green- When these species grow, it is already an indication that your water is alkaline (meaning ph is above the normal range) and your chlorine has depleted. For people using alternative sanitizers, your algaecide levels might be no longer that effective.
Water is cloudy, hazy or milky- Your water becomes like this because of the particles existing in it. Foreign particles are not expected and they are removed by filtration (at least for those that take a physical form). If this happens, it is a clear indication that your filtration is not effective.

There are areas of the pool with red stains- most of the pools have metals as part of the foundation. When this is observed, your pool finish is probably failing. Chemicals have seeped in your metal foundation, causing rusting and leaving stains on it. It is also an indication of poorly made pool.

Swimmer gains red skin and eye sore- They probably have irritation because the water in it has too much chlorine.

Scaling- This is a common problem seen in pools with tile and plaster finish, not so much for pebble pool but a possibility. This is an indication that there are too much metal minerals in your pool. As they increase in levels, they find a way to bind with the calcium in your finish, causing them to crystallize.

Your hair turns green after swimming- This is an indication that your pool has high levels of copper. It is also possible that you are using too much algaecide with copper.

You see just by merely looking at pool water, you will know if it is properly maintained. These are all common, so should you see them take action right away. You know what to do.

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