Swimming Pools and Cars

by Pool Builders on 09-29-2009 in Articles

Do you own a car? Most likely you do.

So tell me this, when the winter season arrives do you winterize the car? "Well yes I put antifreeze in"

Apart from the antifreeze, do you put the car away for the winter? "Well obviously not, I need to use it, and before you say anything it's not the same as winterizing a pool"

Yes! True it's not the same as winterizing a pool, but the fact is you have a swimming pool; you've paid a lot of money for the pool, and as much if not in some cases costs more than the price of a car.

Why use the swimming pool for only six to seven months of the year? Wouldn't it make sense to use it "all year round?"

Why mothball the pool for four to five months of the year that:

(a) Gives you pleasure and fun

(b) Is a fantastic way to get all round exercise (All year)

(c) A place to host and entertain

(d) And a swimming pool is a thing of beauty. Why cover it up with a winter cover?

You also have the added extra costs of:

  • Winterizing the pool
  • Keeping an eye on the frost
  • Watching the water level
  • Summerising, opening up the pool
  • Getting the pool in shape checking water balance, chemicals, TDS, etc, etc

So half of the life of your swimming pool is not used and you're spending money out not to use your pool?

Pool owners tend to let the seasons and more of late, the weather, dictate to them when they can use their swimming pool.

When in fact it should be the pool owner deciding when, where, how, and which time they wish use the swim, exercise, entertain, have fun, etc

Let's face it, the summer season and the weather has changed. No more is there the guarantee that at least July and August with be hot and dry. It's more likely you'll have a very warm March and April followed by dry and warm September and October these days

More and more pool owners are realizing that to get the best use of their swimming pool have gone down the route of constructing a building to house their swimming pool and the more reasonable and in my opinion a better alternative to a bricks and mortar enclosure (and one which is just as good looking) is a purpose built clear span pool enclosure.

The choice is yours. Whether to use something of great value to you and your family all year round or let the unpredictable seasons and weather dictate to you when you should and can use your swimming pool.

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