Swimming Pools and Children's Safety

by Pool Builders on 06-22-2010 in Articles

Swimming pools are always lots of fun for children. More and more parents are now choosing to install a pool at their homes so their kids can have all the fun they want and learn how to swim early on. Swimming is also considered one of the best exercises, so not only do the kids play around and have fun in a pool, but they also tend to stay healthy.

While swimming pools are fun, safety is of paramount importance - especially when children are around. Each year there are numerous incidents that result in children drowning or experiencing life-changing injuries. Always be sure to follow these simple steps to ensure that your children are safe in and around a pool.

Why Swimming Pool Safety is Important

Experts say that most children who drown at home pools are not out of sight for more than five minutes before tragedy strikes. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to keep a constant eye on children when they are in or around a pool. Parents and other adults should be especially vigilant when kids begin to "dunk" each other in the water, an innocent game that could very well kill a child.

Ensuring the Safety of Children

It should not take a horrible accident for you to start making sure your pool is a place where the safety measures are up to the mark. Here are a few more simple steps that will ensure the kids are safe when playing in or around the pool:

· Never leave the children alone. This is definitely the first pool safety rule. Always make sure that the kids are playing or swimming under adult supervision. Rely only on an adult who is responsible and will keep a constant eye on things. It takes just a couple of minutes for things to go wrong.

· Learn some basic lifesaving techniques, especially CPR. In case there has been an accident, it is always best to call 911 right away, but CPR is something you can perform until help arrives.

· Keep children away from electrical pool equipment. It is not uncommon for kids to get caught in filters or pumps. Kids are naturally curious, and they may try to play around with everything that looks interesting. Cover the equipment.

  • Unless the child actually knows how to swim, do not let him or her near the water alone, even if it is only a few inches. Get in the water with the child or make sure there is someone who is a good swimmer with him or her.

Ensuring the safety of children in and around a pool is one of the most important responsibilities you have as an adult. Make sure you fulfill it completely by following the simple and practical aforementioned steps.

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