Swimming Pools and Contracts - Read the Fine Print  

by Pool Builders on 08-18-2008 in Articles

Of all the home improvement projects that are routinely done on homes across the U.S., built in concrete swimming pools by far are the greatest source of consumer complaints. Sure, they look great in the brochure, but it is what the contractor doesn't show you that can be the source of so many added expenses and complaints.

A Major Construction Project

Having a built in swimming pool installed in your home qualifies as a major construction project and once you have signed the contract and the ground is broken, you are pretty much at the mercy of the swimming pool contractor. While he may give you an optimal completion date, the fact is, that unless there is a targeted contractural deadline with financial penalties for running over it, a swimming pool project can go on for months longer than you anticipated.

Crushed By a Truck

Damages to existing structures such as fences, sidewalks and driveways are also another source of complaints. The details regarding who is financially responsible for incidental damages that occur during the construction process are often buried deep in the contract and always will point to you the homeowner as the party who must pay.

The Rough Look is All the Rage Now

Shoddy workmanship on the finished project is also a major source of complaints. What is normal and acceptable with regards to the aesthetics of the overall project, including finished concrete patios and tile work is more often than not, debatable and open to personal conjecture. You say it looks like crap and the contractor says it looks just fine and besides, the "rough" look is what he is sure you said that you wanted. In the end, your stuck with it and its all in the contract.

Read the Fine Print

While your swimming pool contractor may appear to be a real "go-getter" during the sales process, it is perfectly normal and legal if he subs out much of the work to sleazy, low budget independent contractors and makes his money from the front seat of his truck without ever having to lift a finger. So read the fine print and remember that it is buyer beware when having a built in swimming pool installed.

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