Swimming Pools and Wonderful Family Phases

by Pool Builders on 05-30-2010 in Articles

As swimming pool owners, you and I have a lot to be grateful for. If you have young children you know it is the place for hours of healthy family fun. Note, I say family in hopes that everyone is present. Dad, I know someone has to pay for this thing, but it looses its' value, if you are too busy to be there.

This year we just had our youngest daughter's graduation swim party, and that means that until grand kids arrive the pool is open for new groups of kids that would love the chance to enjoy the inviting waters of a pool. Well, that's a noble thought, we will just have to see how energetic this empty nester is next season.

I really thought I was building the pool so my teens would bring their friends to our house rather than run around town to who knows where. I found out the autoMOBILE is much more important to a teen than a great pool. In fact, mobility which brings freedom, will not be trumped by anything else. Think about their MOBILE phone. Point is, those children that you love so much will best enjoy that pool with you up to jr high age, then the thrill subsides, so enjoy them while you can.

We did enjoy our young girls in the pool so much that some years a trip to stay in a motel, and swim in it's pool was just not enticing at all. All summer long we vacationed at our pool, and slept in our beds, loving every minute.

Now as we see the activity at the pool and around the house slow down, I look back with fond memories aided by many pictures of the time spent raising our children. Even though I thought I would die of heat exhaustion the summer of '96 building the thing, I would do it again in a heartbeat, but next time I wouldn't wait until summer to get started.

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