Swimming Pools and the Not So Sunny Weather Article

by Pool Builders on 08-20-2009 in Articles

On top of the credit crunch we've had the "weather crunch". We've noticed that some swimming pool owners haven't even bothered to open their pools this season but it's due in part to the economy where it has been "draw your belts in time" and now we are in August some Swimming pool owners are considering closing their pools earlier thanks mostly to the not so sunny weather.(Well August just gone!)

Considering the fact you have a swimming pool, the weathers been a let down here in the UK year after year. (Remember the Met office! "It's going to be a BBQ summer". They can't always get the Sunday (Farming) forecasts right bless em!) Bare in mind it doesn't need to be scorching hot summer weather to enjoy your pool, just a little dryer and a tad warmer will do (We wish).

That's where it's perhaps about time for pool owners to consider whether it would be a good idea to have the swimming pool "undercover", so come what may with the weather it's comforting to get out of the pool into a dry warm area. You'd also have that comfortable feeling of not wondering what's the weather going to be like day after day. (Well the swimming pool is just sitting there in the back garden... It would be a waste not to be using it).

The answer to the problem. Use an air dome. Apart from being able to use the pool when you wanted (which is what the idea of having a swimming pool was for in the first place) Its other benefits include extending the season in to the later months of the year, The use of less energy through solar heat gain and it also reduces pool maintenance.

One year I was refurbishing a pool. (It was late February.) There's was a ground frost but working inside the pool dome...well! it was that warm the next day I put my shorts and Tee-shirt on. There was no heating on, just the solar heat gain I was amazed how warm it was.

And if the summer weather does finally make an appearance, you can remove the air dome in less than two hours and then you will have an open air swimming pool again.

P.S. The fan that keeps the dome up uses as much power as a 100 watt light bulb. You get in and out through a zip door. Not bad hey!

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