Swimming Pools for Fitness and Fun

by Pool Builders on 09-07-2011 in Articles

What could be better than having a swimming pool in your own backyard, even if it's not a covered or heated pool and you can't use it through the winter there's plenty of opportunity in the summer months.

The growth in availability of above ground pools means it's much easier and a lot less costly to get your own pool now that you don't need to have contractors digging a huge hole in the backyard.

So now you've got your pool how can you make sure everyone gets as much use from it as possible? Sure just having a pool can be a lot of fun, it's great to just relax and float lazily in the pool on a hot sunny day, and splashing around in the pool with kids is lots of fun but maybe with a little thought you can get more from your swimming pool.

I'm sure you already have a good idea about everybody's favourite way to enjoy the pool; you know which members of the family are keen swimmers and which ones would rather play games in the water.

For the keen swimmers you could make a schedule of times when the pool is just used for swimming, no horsing around allowed. If it's the younger kids who are keen swimmers then most pools will give them enough room for a good workout, if it's the adults in the family who want to take advantage of the great low impact workout you get from swimming you might want to get a swimming aid like a stationary swimmer especially if the pool is on the small side.

A stationary swimmer is exactly what it sounds like, it's a belt worn by the swimmer with a tether to the side of the pool so no matter how hard you swim you stay in the same spot, it's the equivalent of an exercise bike.

For the kids who want to just have fun in the pool there's a host of accessories and games available, from the more expensive like water slides for in ground pools, to simple low cost options such as floating hoops games and in pool volley ball kits.

For relaxing in the pool with friends and family you can get patio furniture that's made to go in the pool! So you can sit around the table under the umbrella while you're actually in the water. How cool is that? Literally. And you can also get a floating bar.

If you're planning a pool party there's some great accessories available like under water disco lights and light up beach balls.

Of course one of the most important things to remember when planning your fun and fitness in the pool is safety. You need to make sure the pool area is a safe environment for every one, from the youngest to the oldest. Pool fences may be a requirement in some areas; they may just be a very good idea everywhere. Don't leave toys in the pool to tempt children, make sure you have rescue equipment like life preservers or shepherds crooks handy. Children should always be supervised when using the pool.

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