Swimming Pools in New Zealand

by Pool Builders on 08-22-2010 in Articles

In New Zealand there are round about 58,000 privately owned swimming pools. The law requires pools to be fenced off. Before 1987 toddler drownings were more common than today.

However 71 toddlers were still drowned as late as 2003 mostly in pools that were not fenced properly. These tragedies could have been easily avoided.Negligence in most of these cases was to blame.Swimming pools should be happy places.Young children are drawn to the water.

Some countries allow a special net to be fixed over the pool instead of a more costly fence.

Local councils now monitor swimming pools in their regions; the pool owner has the obligation of making sure all the criteria are met to comply with the strict guide lines that have been set out. One of them is a minimum height of 1.2 metres.

With all the modern materials available today there is a vast choice of fence designs. From a modern to a more traditional type. And for those with smaller budget the designer can take that into consideration.

Any setting can have a customised fence made to suit it perfectly. Creating whatever atmosphere is desired.

There are many companies dealing in fences, it's advisable to shop around and get quotes, being exposed to the weather there will be a fair amount of wear and tear, so the best companies will offer a guarantee on the fence.

There is a general trend now to go for the reinforced glass balustrade. They are longer lasting, easily cleaned and look neater.

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