Swimming Safety Basics: Keeping Your Children Safe While Swimming At Home  

by Pool Builders on 11-15-2012 in Articles

As parents, we are always very conscious of our children's safety, particularly when we leave the comfort of our homes. When you take your children swimming, you make sure that every safety precaution is in place and that your eyes are on them at all times. But do you take those same safety measures in your own backyard?

Kiddie pools are readily available, budget friendly, and an excellent source of entertainment for hot summer days. Sadly, kiddie pools are also responsible for a number of infant deaths each year. All it takes for an infant to drown is a couple of seconds and a few inches of water. As safe as you think your own yard may be, here are some extra safety tips to keep in mind before filling up the pool.


Children of all ages should be supervised at all times; preferably by an adult who knows CPR and can respond quickly and calmly if something should go wrong. Children under 5 years old should always be within arm's length of the adult watching them. Just as you would never leave your child alone in the bathtub, they should not be left alone in the swimming pool either; even if there is only enough water in it to cover the bottom. If you need to go inside, take your child with you.

Secure The Area

If you are putting a pool in your yard, then you must have a fence around it. An open yard with a pool in it just begs neighbourhood children to come and play; even if no one is home. Your pool must be secured so that no one can get to it unless you are there watching. Likewise, make sure that all doors leading out to the pool are tightly shut and locked at all times so that your children cannot sneak out unnoticed. You may also consider a safety cover as added protection, but all other precautions should be taken as well.

Poolside Do's and Don'ts

There are a few things that you should have close to the pool at all times and many things that should never be close to it.

Always keep anything that you are going to need while watching the children with you by the pool so that you do not have to go inside to get it. Keep the phone next to you as well and put a sign on the front door letting people know to come around to the back so that you are not rushing off to answer the door.Keep toys, particularly bicycles and other wheeled toys out of and away from the pool. Any toys not specifically made for the water should not be in the pool.

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