Swimming Safety Messages You Need To Know In and Around the Pool

by Pool Builders on 01-27-2011 in Articles

Swimsafer programme has been launched to replace the National Survival Swimming Award (NASSA) in which it has changed the lessons that is usually catered to train the swimmers' stamina. One of the objectives is to spread the message of water safety to the children and increase their safety awareness in the pool. Children will not understand the dangers of the water and they do not know where the dangers are. By attending the swim lessons, swim coach can impart their knowledge to them to create a safety environment for everyone in the swimming pool.

Below are some of the safety points which I personally feel is important.

1.Running in the swimming pool

We can often witness children running around the pool and lifeguards or coaches will caution them on it. So what are the dangers of running around the pool? The tiles of the pool are slippery and by running, you will not have a grip on the ground. It will increase your chances of falling down and get yourself injured. I have personally witness children who fell and get themselves badly injured which required the assistance of ambulance. If the children fell into the swim pool, chances to hit onto the wall or the swimmers are high. The impact that both parties are going to suffer is going to be severe. So bear in mind, next time if you see any children running around the pool please do remind them of the dangers and ask them to walk fast.

2.Nuisance acts inside the pool

I personally have witness guys playing inside the swimming pool grabbing each other limbs and pushing each other. It may seem to be just a play act, however in some cases it may lead to life threatening situation. If one of group members is a weak swimmer and their breathing techniques are not efficient, it may lead the swimmers to choke while playing. Choking is a warning signal that the swimmer is in some kind of discomfort zone. Sometimes, I do encounter swimmers carrying other swimmers on their back to swim. Even though, you may be strong swimmer, please do not overestimate your swimming ability. Accidents do happen when the pillion swimmer struggles and hung on tightly to the swimmer. If the swimmer is not trained in life saving to break away from the danger, it may cause him to be in life threatening situation.

Above mentioned are the common safety messages that I always shared with my students to enhance their safety knowledge. I believe everyone is responsible for each other safety and if everyone plays a part in spreading the messages, we can create a water safety environment.

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