Swimming Safety Standards  

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The history of swimming pool is as old as the human history goes. The oldest evidence of its proof is the €Great Bath€ made in 3rd millennium at the spot of Mohenjo Daro. In those days only the royals have an access to the swimming pools and it was used for the bathing purpose only. When the Greeks build their first hot water pool they allowed their athletes along with the royals to enjoy the pool water. But even after that the liberty of using pool was in the hand of limited people only. London played an important role in changing this tradition. In 1837, 6 indoor pools were constructed in London, Britain.

With the start of Olympic Games the popularity of swimming pools rose to new heights. According to a survey there are 8,349,000 pools in America only. This survey further informs us that more then 4000 adults and infants were drowned during the year 2000. If proper safety measures are taken, the death rate can be reduced. These measures or standards are different in different countries. In European and American countries the rules for safety and personal hygiene are very strict. These governments have taken strong steps to reduce the chances of deaths and diseases. Local governments of those states which have a high number of residential pools have implemented a law, according to which the residents have to cover their pools with the fences to reduce the rate of infant or childhood fatalities. To reduce this fatalities there are a number of products in the market. Such as removable baby fences, computer aided drowning prevention systems. This system helps the swimmer to come out from the pool. There are also different types of alarms available in the market which helps in reducing the childhood fertility.

The level of viruses and bacteria must be low in order to prevent spread of diseases. Sanitization of water is necessary to avoid these problems. If the water is not sanitized properly, the chances of bacteria and insect larvae can be increased greatly. To avoid the spread of diseases from one person to another, Governments of different countries has made some policies. These policies are different in different countries. These policies restrict the swimmers to follow certain dress codes. In some countries the use of shorts by a man for swimming purpose is also restricted. In Scandinavian countries and especially in Iceland, the rules regarding the dress code is very strict. In some of the countries the swimmers have to wear double bathing suites i.e. one brief on the other, as an extra precaution.
To ensure the safety of swimmers in beaches, life guards and security cameras are placed on high positions so that they can have a clear view of the sea. Swimming is a wonderful sport and a refreshing activity. If some safety measures are followed properly the enjoyment can be increased. One should keep the above mentioned points in mind to avoid any accidents or fertilities.

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