Swimming Shoes Are Super for Rock Pooling on the Beach

by Pool Builders on 10-10-2010 in Articles

Everybody loves going to beach right? And everyone loves exploring the rock pools that appear at low tide, filled with crabs, starfishes and all manner of other interesting flora and fauna. Children especially love to explore low tide beaches and are often overjoyed when finding a live sea snail or hermit crab. One of the main problems is that many people walk on the beach in bare feet, with no shoes whatsoever and this is fine on the soft gentle sand that we all love but when rock pooling or walking on rocky beaches getting a nasty cut to the soles of the feet is very possible, this is extremely painful and can even lead to foot infections.

Normal shoes are no good for rock pooling as they quickly get wet, take a long time to dry and are cold and uncomfortable when soaked. A swimming shoes are simply the best solution, they are warm when and therefore are ideal for exploring areas where getting wet feet is a distinct possibility!

Swimming shoes are normally made from neoprene rubber, the same material as scuba suits are made from, this means that when they get wet the rubber keeps its' insulating properties and keeps your toes toasty. A tough rubber sole is also included and this is very handy because when you walk on sharp, jagged rocks that would otherwise cut your feet to ribbons your soles are protected against all but the biggest sharpest rocks. This handy tough sole also comes with great grip properties and that means you stay safe and won't fall and injure your self on those rocks.

So swimming shoes should be at the top of your list if you're heading to the beach, the kids will be safer happier and healthier too. Don't forget to get yourself a pair too, once you get to the sea you'll want to hunt for crabs too, at least it keeps you feeling young; And that's a good thing!

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