Swimming Shown to Lower Blood Pressure  

by Pool Builders on 03-22-2012 in Articles

Life is pretty tough and once you are over 30, it gets very difficult to continue having a good health. People over 30 are usually victims of heart conditions and increased blood pressure problems. For a better cardiac health, the doctors and physicians have always been suggesting about different types of exercises. However swimming was not actually suggested for heart patients or elderly people thinking that swimming might result in increased blood pressure.

However, in any other cases, swimming has always been considered as a healthy exercise. Many health specialists and weight trainers suggest this exercise to be much more helpful than any other indoor activities. This is definitely good news for the Pool Service New Canaan CT and other cities' pool services. Recently, the researchers at America's best cardiology journals have come up with an even more intriguing study result about swimming. This new study results have found a more specific result between swimming or water based exercise and lowered level of blood pressure in human body.

The study emphasizes on the fact that this special exercise, €'swimming is a better suited exercise for elder people as this does not include any weight carrying activities, but at the same time is almost as much effective as any weight training.''

This study did not diminish out the risk of excessive amount of swimming or regular swimming on vascular muscles disorder or pain due to over exercise. There was lack of evidences in the past to confirm the favorable effect of swimming over heart diseases. This particular study has imitated an examination to improve the empirical evidence of swimming benefits. To conduct this examination a group of swimmers have been selected against a group of regular weight trainees.

This 12 weeks long examination have found out that, the systolic blood pressure of the swimmers have become significantly lower, compared with the bow swimmers in the specified examination period. And the significant decrease in blood pressure did not only stand for causal systolic blood pressure, the result was same for daytime blood pressure and central or carotid blood pressure too.

This study is in fact quite inspiring for any local pool company like the Weekly Pool Service companies or the other as they expect that now people will be much more engaged in this exercise more. Many people who kept themselves away from swimming, thinking that this might worsen their heart's condition now can be relieved about any harm done to their heart while they are swimming.

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Summer is coming and you know what to do to be healthy. Swim up!

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