Swimming Spa – More than Just Luxurious Home Accessories  

by Pool Builders on 02-17-2011 in Articles

Most people think that a swimming spa is for luxury alone. They are great alternatives to the usual jogging and trainings at the usual, as well as the usual relaxants. Pool and spas can also help fight diseases such as obesity, arthritis, and stage II diabetes, that's why a lot of people have installed a spa right in their backyards. There are several scientific studies which have proven that the simple exercises in pool and spas are great for cardiovascular health, weight regulation, alleviation from stiffness, better mobility, and more. Working out in a swim spa are very helpful in fighting diabetes, back pain, depression, insomnia, and aids prenatal health care.

But, some people argue that it isn't necessary to install these pricey equipments at home for that. Going to the gym regularly can help take care of most of the ailments above. They may, but a wonderful advantage of working out in water is that your joints and muscles suffer lesser strain and as a result it experiences much less damage. Sometimes, a spa is the best option for people who are obese or afflicted with arthritis advanced in age or are very obese or are suffering from relentless arthritis.

When it comes to size, a suitable swimming spa must at least be 9 ft wide, 16 ft long and 6 ft deep. However, there are many others that come in trivial sizes. Although smaller versions are much cheaper and but they don't have many features and extra benefits like the larger swim spas. The primary concern must be to create enough turbulence in the water current that is needed to bring a toning swim. There are 3 methods which does that:

The adjustable spas jet nozzles generate high speed water streams that provide a flexible workout. From easy, challenging, and very rigorous, you may get to have the workout intensity that you need!
Steadier currents through the use of the swimming spa propellers. The turbulence that this gives comes at the middle as the sides stay free.
Making steady and turbulence-free streams via paddle wheels. The currents that these produce are broader and deeper.

If you are looking forward to buy swim spas, you should consider the following factors:

Whether the swim spas unit is big enough and just right for exercising
The number of individuals that the swim spas can accommodate simultaneously
The spa lining should be checked. Fibreglasses and acrylic are the most common ones. However, those made from cheap fiberglass should be avoided.
The flatness of the bottom should be inspected for better equipment adjustment
The current generated should be checked regularly.
Check the deal for extra ozonators and message jets
Check the warranties of the pumps and heaters aside from the tub alone.

If you would not be using the swim spas for exercising, then you may get the steam shower instead, which produces steam that to the body in a hydrotherapeutic way. Such showers are typically arranged in an enclosed area so that the steam and vapors in the swim spa won't go to waste.

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