Swimming Strokes-Try Doing The Different Kinds of Swimming Strokes  

by Pool Builders on 10-08-2009 in Articles

Swimming is a great leisure activity. However, many forget that it is also a sport. Many people benefit from doing the sport on their free time because it helps tone the muscles and strengthen the body's circulatory and respiratory system. As a result, the body's resistance, stamina and even strength is fortified. In a way, the sport can help sharpen the movement of the body.

Many people think that exercise is stressful. However, doing it in the water can make you think otherwise. Swimming is a fun activity and it does not really wear out a person like land activities do. If you are interested, you should try learning the different swimming strokes. These can really get you fit and healthy.

There various types of strokes. Nonetheless, there are the main ones, from which all the others were derived from.

  1. Freestyle - The freestyle is also referred to as the crawl. It is the easiest to learn among beginners. Basically, the swimmer floats with the head facing the water. Then, it is done with consecutive flutter kids with simultaneous arm movements.
  2. Back stroke - The back stroke is yet another easy way to move in the water. It is similar to the freestyle but it is done on your back. This move is also called as the back crawl.
  3. Breast stroke - Breast stroke is a different kind of stroke. You do it facing the water with a frog kick, instead of a flutter kick. It involves movement of the torso and the shoulders.
  4. Butterfly - This is actually considered as the hardest among all the swimming strokes. It involves a dolphin kick and quick movement of the arms.
  5. Dog Paddle - While the Butterfly is the hardest, dog paddle is the simplest. It can be done by anyone. Literally, it is like swimming like a dog.

Apart from these, there are many others. After mastering these main strokes, try to research on the various ones and practice on them. You may never know. Swimming may be your forte!

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