Swimming - The Supreme Exercise Plan  

by Pool Builders on 04-04-2012 in Articles

Awwww.. the beautiful smell of summer is fast upon us. Maybe not for everyone, but from where I'm situated we've been blessed with warm sunny days the past week and it makes me think about how challenging this time of year is for folks who are anxious to rid themselves of their big clothing and get into their summer wardrobe! The worst feeling is finding out your summer wardrobe don't exactly compliment the extra pounds you packed on during the winter.

Solution: Swimming. It's a fitness program you can do on a consistent basis! Not exactly what you were thinking I imagine, being in a bathing suit. But your time is limited and you want to work your entire body fast so why not give it a shot.

Benefits of Swimming:

1) Not difficult on the joints. Because we naturally float in the water, the risk of injury is much less than other forms of activity. Especially if we are hoping to increase our fitness workout plans at an effective pace.
2) Resistance. As well, H2O is a natural source of resistance. It requires our muscles to constantly be in motion, and not our joints. The great part is that this level of resistance is controlled by how hard you are swimming. We can move at whatever pace best fits our lifestyle and goals.
3) Cardio boost. One of the highest diseases in the world is heart disease. Unfortunately a lot of the people who should be increasing their cardio on a daily basis have other factors (i.e. arthritis) that prevent them from activity. Swimming is an excellent option for those who can't walk on treadmills/ellipticals, stationary bikes etc.
4) Muscle and Endurance. Not many exercises can boost muscle endurance and strength at the same time. Swimming can. When swimming at a fast tempo, you are essentially building muscle strength, muscle endurance and cardio endurance as well.
As we age, we naturally give up muscle mass. The less we exercise, the greater amount of muscle we lose. Swimming is an wonderful way of keeping our muscles working and helping to ward off degenerative diseases like osteoporosis.

Swimming could be a great alternative for your exercise plan if you're looking to increase muscle strength and endurance. Not to mention, it allows you to change up your routine. I'd recommend 2-3x swimming sessions a week and 30 minutes each session. Try and find a salt water pool if you don't have lake access.

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