Swimming? Watch The Weather.  

by Pool Builders on 06-17-2007 in Articles

The swimming season is a long one, with a countless number of ideal days for fun in the sun and playing in the pool. That's why, when it comes to enjoying your backyard vacation responsibly, it's always better to err on the side of caution when facing inclement weather and forecasts. As you will see, you've got more to be aware of than just thunder and lightning.

Check The Forecast

Since you probably check the weather forecast regularly, this may initially seem like a "no-brainer." You know when a perfect sunny day is on the way, and you know when they're calling for a near certain bout of rain or storms. What you want pay closer attention to are those telltale "partly cloudy/partly sunny" days--days in which the weather is less predictable and can change in an instant.

When In Doubt, Get Out

Rain, thunder, flashes of lightning and thick, dark clouds--all are indications that require you to not just get out of the pool, but leave the pool area until the storm or system has passed. And remember, "heat lightning" is real, honest-to-goodness lightning--lightning that is simply not heard due to distance or air/land density. Lightning can strike miles away from its storm source.

Enjoy The Sun Responsibly

Whether it's a cloudless blue sky, or partly or even mostly cloudy day, don't forget that the sun is also a source of harmful UV radiation--rays that aren't completely blocked by clouds. Appropriate sunscreen and eye protection is a must. And if the forecast calls for an especially hot or humid day, don't forget to hydrate often by drinking lots of cool water.

There are plenty of wonderful days ahead both in and around your pool. A keen eye turned toward the weather will help to insure that each day in your backyard vacation is a safe one.

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