Swimming With Disabilities

by Pool Builders on 08-17-2012 in Articles

Because water is supportive, soothing and easy on the entire body, various types of workouts can be done successfully by people who suffer from joint pain, nagging injuries, like neck, back, and even spinal cord injuries, and anyone else with a condition that impedes workouts on dry land. To get the most out of your aqua cardio session, there are several therapeutic products specifically designed with water workouts in mind. Take a look at the list below and see if any of the devices will ease you back into a better, healthier body. As always, please consult with your primary physician before starting any exercise routine.

Neck/Back Problems

Neck, back and spinal cord issues can be debilitating for people who enjoy cardio and strength training workouts. Because so much of the body's weight is supported by your back, injuries to this part of your body often disable people, even if only minimally. But, thanks to water-based exercise programs, there is hope out there for individuals who suffer from reoccurring back problems. In conjunction with regular strength training workouts, the Hydro-Fit Wet Vest Collar is a great training aid to use if you happen to have neck or spinal injuries. Made for flotation therapy, the device comfortably supports the neck and head while floating upright or when laying on your back. The collar securely fits around the neck and stays in place with adjustable Velcro straps. Inflatable and pellet-filled models are available. It's the ideal water therapy aid for people with past head injuries or spinal cord trauma.

Joint Issues

People who suffer from arthritis know how difficult it can be to get a good workout on dry land with joint pain. Doing even a minimal amount of strength training and cardio fitness can be a challenge. That's often why people with arthritis turn to the pool to help build lean muscle and burn calories. While simply using your own body weight for resistance can be a good workout, adding in additional resistance workout gear can really take your workout to the next level. Take the Water Gear Resistance Bells, for example. These specially designed, dumbbell-shaped foam bells add resistance to any water exercise program. Their larger-than-normal handles are easy to grip, even with arthritic hands, and the durable closed-cell EVA foam won't chip or absorb extra water. They are the perfect way to add in strength training to an already great aqua-cardio workout.

Other Issues Keeping You Out of the Pool

While most people don't like to talk about it, there are other debilitating and embarrassing issues that can keep you out of the pool this summer season. People suffering from incontinence and inability to hold stool often find it difficult to feel comfortable in the water. What if the urge hits them and they are unable to climb out of the pool in time? The thought can be terrifying, yet there is an easy solution at hand. The Discovery Trekk Containment Briefs are specially designed for adults and they have been proven to contain both urine and stool. You're bound to feel secure with their high-tech polyurethane fabric with soft fleece lining. The briefs are outfitted elastic bands around the waist and legs for added protection. They are easy to put on and can be adjusted for dressing ease. You'll feel confident this pool season with a pair of these special briefs in tow.

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