Swimming With Dolphins -- An Adventure For Everyone  

by Pool Builders on 04-13-2009 in Articles

People love dolphins and this love affair shows no signs of ever stopping in the future. If you're going to the Bahamas for an upcoming vacation, consider meeting up with these amazing creatures in a dolphin encounter.

Dolphins are highly intelligent, friendly, and playful mammals. Humans have studied them for centuries, trying to unravel the mystery that surrounds their habits and seemingly advanced evolution. Known as the smartest sea creatures, many experts say these animals could also actually be the smartest on the planet.

You'll have many opportunities to swim with a dolphin on a vacation to the islands. In fact, you may be presented with the opportunity immediately upon arriving in one of the commonwealth's two major port cities, Freeport and Nassau. If you're planning to visit the islands, definitely include a dolphin encounter on your list of things you absolutely must do. This article looks at three options for this amazing experience.

A Sanctuary Adventure

One way to get up close with dolphins is through a sanctuary visit. These animals are happy and they just love to play with humans. Although they live in captivity at one of the several sanctuaries, these Bahamas dolphin pods have a great life. They are pampered and trained by their expert caregivers, so you can actually swim with them in a giant pool. You might even get a hug or a kiss from one of these incredible creatures.

After a short educational presentation that covers the anatomy, behavior, and anatomy of these magical animals, you can jump in a pool to swim with them. It doesn't matter whether you're one or one-hundred and one, it is an amazing experience you're not likely to ever forget.

An Open Ocean Adventure

If you want more dolphin adventure after a sanctuary visit, consider an open ocean adventure where you swim with wild dolphin pods in their natural habitat. During an open ocean experience, you get up close to these sea creatures right in their natural surroundings.

A boat whisks you away as you're followed by a pod of friendly and playful dolphins. Once out far enough, the boat stops and guides show you what you need to know to feed and experience these animals on their own turf.

An Underwater Adventure

If you really want to form a relationship with a Bahamas dolphin, you can have an underwater scuba diving adventure with them. Trained scuba diving instructors will teach you how to approach and communicate with dolphins when you're not only in the water, but swimming with them underwater. This spectacular adventure lets you jump right in to become a member of the pod.

If you're planning a vacation to these tropical islands, consider having at least one of these three dolphin encounters. It will provide you with the adventure of a lifetime.

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