Swimming With Dolphins At Sea Life Park

by Pool Builders on 05-21-2011 in Articles

Swimming with dolphins at Sea Life Park in Hawaii was a fun and surreal experience like no other. If you love wildlife and adventure activities, then you must add a dolphin swim to your list of things to do. Whether you swim with dolphins in the wild or in a marine park I am positive you will have an incredible experience.

On Hawaii's island of Oahu is one of the world's most famous marine parks, Sea Life Park. This marine park gives home to many marine species including sea turtles, penguins, seals, sea lions, various species of rays, reef sharks and of course dolphins. Sea Life Park is also the home of a very rare hybrid. A cross between a bottlenose dolphin and a false killer whale. This rare species therefore adopted the name 'wolphin', which is a much larger and darker version of typical dolphin species. There are only two 'wolphins' in captivity found in the world, both of these are within Sea Life Park in Hawaii.

Sea Life Park offers seal encounters, a sea trek through the aquarium and the ever popular swimming with dolphins. The park is fairly small but has lots to see before and after your dolphin swims. They put on dolphin and seal shows throughout the day as well as many attractions spread out throughout the park.

In a group of around eight people we taken down to the water's edge and before long two dolphins had swam over to the group ready for the activities to begin. We first posed for photos, hugging and kissing the dolphin. Getting this close to a dolphin was a surreal experience to begin with but the fun had only just started.

One by one we were sent out to swim to the deep part of the pool and the two dolphins were sent out after us. At first this sent shivers down my spine because even though you know they are coming, the dolphins dive deep below, out of sight and out of nowhere they come up behind you pushing you by the feet at unbelievable speeds across the pool. As a spectator we virtually looked like speed boats skimming across the water. The next time we were sent out to the deep and the dolphins again came from behind us however this time we had to hold on tight to their dorsal fins as they towed us across the pool.

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii is not only offered at Sea Life Park, there are also many snorkelling tours that will go out into the ocean to swim with pods of wild dolphins. Swimming with dolphins in the wild offers you a very different experience all together. Here you will get to see the dolphins in their natural environment and although swimming with dolphins in the wild is certainly on my list of things to do, I chose Sea Life Park so I could get right up close and get to play with the tame dolphins.

Regardless of where you do a dolphin swim, it will be a great experience and will really get you on natural high. If you are visiting Hawaii then I of course suggests visiting Sea Life Park and doing the royal swim but dolphin swims are found around the world in tropical waters such as Australia, New Zealand, South America plus much more. Nothing But Adventure writes about many adventures however swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii was one of my favourite experiences and I can strongly recommend it to you.

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