Swimming With Dolphins On Your Next Vacation  

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The people that grew up watching Flipper have long held the dream of getting in the water to swim with these playful and friendly sea creatures. Humans have been fascinated with these animals for centuries, passing down stories of dolphins saving people or even trying to communicate with people through their sweet, puppy like personalities. If you've had a long fascination with these remarkable creatures, you can now get up close with them to witness just how friendly and affectionate they are on your next vacation to the Bahamas with one of the many dolphin encounters available.

The white sand beaches, ideal weather, crystal clear blue waters, palm trees, calypso music, and vivid life of this area has made these islands a favorite vacation spot for many years. By including a Bahamas dolphin experience, you make visiting the islands trip of a lifetime. You can relax on the white sand beach as you enjoy Caribbean delicacies or swim with dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, and hundreds of varieties of brilliantly colored tropical fish. Regardless of your age or swimming skills, getting in these waters is something you'll never forget.

Swim With Dolphins

During an experience you might have only dreamed possible, these sleek sea creatures will swim underneath your hands as you float gently in the warm saltwater. Exotic fish will dart through the coral around you. The dolphins you'll see around the islands are Atlantic spotted dolphins. They measure around 7' long and weigh approximately 240 pounds. While these dolphin pods are all free and wild, they have become so used to contact with humans and hand feeding that they seek people out to enjoy their company.

There are several companies in the cities of Nassau and Freeport that offer dolphin encounters. In Freeport, you can enjoy an open ocean visit with wild dolphins. With comfortable boats that have plenty of amenities, you'll head out on the water for an up close visit with these smart and friendly sea mammals. On the boat ride, you'll receive a quick education about the Bahamas dolphin and instructions for making the most of this exciting encounter. The luminous blue waters and gorgeous coral offer the ideal setting for this thrilling experience that puts you right up close to these beautiful animals.

While the Freeport encounters with these creatures will take you out in the ocean to meet wild dolphins, you can experience them in the comfort of a sanctuary pool setting in Nassau. These animals receive care and protection from experts. They seem to truly appreciate their caregivers and resemble puppies in their love and antics toward them. If getting out in the ocean to meet these creatures from Freeport seems a little unnerving, you can have an encounter with a sanctuary dolphin in a pool in Nassau. Whether meeting wild or tame dolphins, you are sure to have a great time enjoying their playfulness, curiosity, and gentle nature.

Plenty To Do Even On A Budget

After a Bahamas dolphin encounter, there is much more to do in the cities of Nassau and Freeport for everyone in the family, regardless of age, budget, or schedule. Other than traditional activities like a visit to the beaches for a sun kissed tan, there is also plenty of shopping, delicious dining, snorkeling, scuba diving, and water activities like riding water bikes.

Even when you're on a budget, a vacation to these islands can be affordable. Look for savings on packages and specials that include a dolphin encounter adventure.

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