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by Pool Builders on 11-29-2008 in Articles

Swimming is an isolating and individual sport but that does not mean that the practice of the sport/activity cannot be enjoyed by a group of dedicated friends. Because it requires that the participant spend a good deal of time underwater, unable to talk or gesture to another individual (typically, two staples of any meaningful social relationship) many people are quick to jump to the conclusion that you must be a loner or a depressive to take up the sport of swimming.

Many people make comparison to the sport of boxing, and the way it attracts individuals who want to spend time in isolation, taxing their bodies by themselves. This is an appropriate analogy, but not for the reasons that critics of swimming believe it to be. Even boxing, in its isolation, can be done with the help of, and through the enjoyment with, a group of dedicated friends. If a person is considering swimming, they need only obtain a membership to a swim club to begin working out in style and grace with a group of likeminded individuals.

The first thing that should be said is that one need not have a ready-made group of friends to participate in going for a dip in a friendly manner. A membership to a private club with a pool is the only step that one needs to take to enter into a world of social-satisfaction and enjoyment.

Because swimmers at most private clubs attend swimming sessions regularly, one should have no difficulty synching-up ones schedule, meeting new people, and attending lessons or practices as the same time as other, equally dedicated swimmers.

If one already has some swimmers in mind, one should consider the ways in which one can begin a regimen of social swimming. The surest ways to success in this are through coordinating a routine in your group. The best exercises are the ones which pit swimmers against each other in a competitive, but comfortable environment. If one swimmer is more talented than another, one should negotiate a system where in the more competitive swimmer swims a more difficult stroke, like the butterfly, for an extended period of time to give the last talented swimmer more of an opportunity to stay close.

With the numerous ways to enjoy social swimming, one should have no problem at all finding a system and a regimen that fits their individual style. The success of social swimming comes in the willingness to succeed, and the desire to improve.

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