Swimming Workouts to Build Awesome Arms and Legs

by Pool Builders on 09-26-2010 in Articles

One of the best and most fun exercises you can do to keep fit is to have frequent swimming workouts. In fact, you can make it your exclusive form of exercise. When you swim, the water provides resistance to your body's movements, making it a great complete body workout, but you will see the best effects in your limbs.

Here are some great swimming workouts you can start on right away. These are great exercises, and you can expect awesome arms and legs in just a few weeks.

#1 Doing Laps
The most common of the swimming workouts there is, laps are a great way to warm up for harder exercises, while being a great exercise on its own. This is best done in a shallower, Olympic pool. Try the freestyle and the butterfly to build great arms and torso strength!

#2 Treading Water
This is one of the simplest exercises there is, but it's an excellent one! Simply go to the deep end, where you can no longer reach, and start treading water by kicking your legs and moving your arms while keeping yourself in the same place in the pool. Doing this for half an hour to an hour can help strengthen your arms and legs.

#3 Weighing Yourself Down and Running
This is an old Hawaiian practice, and it's usually done in the ocean. Weigh yourself down with something heavy. Water proof weights or a huge rock are two good examples. Walk into the water and right before the water is over your head, start running at that depth. As you get better at it, you can slowly submerge yourself, going deeper and deeper. Remember, the more water there is on top of you, the more resistance there will be.

#4 Dive and Retrieve
This is not only a great workout for your arms and legs, but this is a great workout for your lungs too. Simply drop a few coins or small objects in the deep end of the pool (about 10 objects is a good start), and then start diving down to get them. Retrieve the objects one by one, using one breath for each dive. In order to make it worthwhile, make sure the water is at least 10 feet deep.

A final benefit of swimming workouts? The water pressure also balances any water retention in your body, keeping our hydration more balanced. This means you will be less bloated, and slimmer looking!

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