Swimming an Excellent Choice for Exercise

by Pool Builders on 08-02-2011 in Articles

Swimming is an excellent choice if you want to use this as part of an exercise program or if you suffer from arthritis etc as the water will support your weight and in turn relieves the stress on your joints and this will give you a good workout without putting too much strain for example on your spine, knees and hips.

Swimming will tone your muscles up because the resistance of the water against your body and in turn gives the major muscle groups a good workout. This type of exercise will not help with bone density as you need weight training to help with that so don't just concentrate on the swimming get into the gym go cycling, walking, lifting weights that will increase your bone density whether you are young or not so young, try to alternate your programs if possible.

Pregnant women can benefit from swimming as it makes the body feel lighter and a fact that say you are 150 lbs then it will feel like 15 lbs so you can see the positives when you are carrying those extra lbs it can only relieve the strain on your body and still getting some form of exercise in relatively weightless environment. Standing in shoulder deep water this may help reduce high blood pressure as it reduces the swelling and improves circulation. If you were to compare normal exercise on the land to swimming exercise the later is more relaxing and you may even sleep better during the night.

Another benefit for pregnant women when in the pool is swimming will also help with posture and the water will massage your muscles as you move in the water.

When exercising in waist-deep water this reduces the pressure on joints by 50 percent, and when exercising in chest-deep it reduces by as much as 75 percent. This is also a great exercise if you are recovering from an injury or if you cannot participate in ordinary sport and other forms of exercise. At the start try swimming for 20 minutes 3 or 4 times a week.

Swimming on a regular basis helps build up endurance, cardiovascular fitness and also muscle strength. Using the pool before and after a run or exercise at the gym will help to cool you down and help relax the muscles after a strenuous work out.

Swimming is a fat burning and calorie burning exercise and if you need to lose a few pounds then this can only be beneficial to help in leading your healthy lifestyle choice.

why not make this a social event if you were to join a group or go with friends to help make it interesting and not be a tedious, workout as exercise should be fun.

The good thing about swimming is there are no expensive machines to buy; all that is needed is a bathing costume and the cost of admission into the pool. Most cities have pools and are relatively inexpensive and all ages can participate and benefit from this form of exercise.

Remember to always seek medical advice before participating in any form of exercise if you have any underlying health problems.

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