Swimming and Acne Treatment - Benefits of Swimming to Cure Your Acne

by Pool Builders on 01-27-2010 in Articles

This article will show you how swimming can cure your acne.

If you want to see the proof if swimming can cure acne, just take a look at regular or professional swimmers and surfers. You will notice if they don't have acne. Keep reading to find out the secret.

Benefits of swimming to cure acne:

a. Generally, swimming increases your body hygiene and removes microorganism and dirt on your skin. As we know, dirt can clog pores and cause acne.

b. The disinfectant properties in chlorinated pool or salt water will kill bacteria on the surface that can cause acne.

c. Salt water can limit production of sebum. (Note that it can also dry your skin)

d. The deep breathing while you are swimming allows more oxygen to be processed and help body to remove dead skin cells and toxic out of your body. As we know, dead skin cells and toxic are some factors that can cause acne.

A few things you should note:

a. Always take shower before and after entering the swimming pool.

b. Chlorine can lead skin to irritation, dryness, itchy and causes rashes. And the worst, exposure to chlorine can cause acne breakouts. Don't forget to wash your face after swimming and then use moisturizer to solve this problem.

Swimming is not the only one method you can try to solve your acne problem. There are a lot of acne treatments and the best treatment which is recommended for you is by using acne natural home remedies.

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