Swimming for Fun Is Fun

by Pool Builders on 11-16-2010 in Articles

When you swim with friends, at the local swimming pool or at the beach, it's fun because you can converse with them. It's always fun when you do things with your friends. Like swimming you will have a lot of choices to play. Just through a ball for hours and that would be satisfying.

When you swim laps, it's hard. Even if you're good or bad it doesn't matter, it takes energy and gets tiring. But you can race your friends and it can be fun. Have a team competition or a bracket competition, either way it will be fun. Always competing with your friends will be fun and you know it. It can happen in other sports or games, it doesn't matter, competing with somebody other than yourself is fun.

So what can you do while swimming. Have you ever flipped someone over your shoulders before? Just swim underneath their legs and you can push up and flip them out of the water. Maybe to the person you like! This might be something you might not do but it's fun. You should do it to someone who doesn't feel offended first, this lets everyone know what you're doing.

So go out to swim with your friends, whether it's at a pool or lake or beach, it doesn't matter. Have fun during the summer but if you're lucky and live in Hawaii, go during the winter. Or go everyday. It's super fun but don't forget to wear sunscreen lotion because it will hurt when you get burned. The sun is hot and you have to take care of your skin. So while having fun remember to protect yourself. Then maybe you'll love the swim so much you can take up surfing, I don't know. You know but remember to have fun!

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