Swimming for Weight Loss  

by Pool Builders on 10-03-2006 in Articles

In order for a person to lose weight, engaging in a weight loss program is not enough. He must also exercise regularly. Most of the time, dieters take a stroll around the park or jog for 30 minutes to an hour. Running burns fat. But some dieters try out another sport - swimming.

Swimming as a way to lose weight is advisable for good swimmers. Good swimmers have already developed a rhythm in each stroke of their hands and therefore they burn fat in a graceful manner. Watch professional swimmers compete with one another and see how perfect their strokes are.

Try it out first. If you glide through the water and not lose your breath, then you can go swimming instead of running. But if you are like a flounder fish making splashes and struggling to reach the other end of the pool, then stick to the ground's flat surface.

If a dieter is already a swimmer then this would even increase the chances of him losing the extra weight faster and effectively. Because he already loves swimming, then doing it for 30 minutes to an hour wouldn't seem like a chore at all.

Do not be impatient when it comes to losing weight. Try interval training. Interval training is when you extensively work out one day then do some light exercises the next. For example, you swam countless laps the day before. The following day, just do some light jogging.

After doing a strenuous exercise, your body burns the fat. Hours after you stop your work-out, your body continues the process. By doing a less-extensive form of exercise, the next day, you are letting your body take a breather.

The key to losing weight is to have the determination to do so. As long as you continue with this healthier lifestyle which includes swimming every other day, you will shed off those unwanted pounds in no time.

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