Swimming in a Sinkhole

by Pool Builders on 01-04-2011 in Articles

Swimming in a cenote? If you travel to Mexico on your Caribbean vacation you may see this word on some of the adventures that either your hotel or cruise has to offer. It is pronounced - seNOteah - and if you were to look up in your Spanish to English translator it would tell you the word means "sinkhole." You will have the same reaction that many do when you discover this. Why would I want to go swimming in a sinkhole? That doesn't sound very romantic. "HEY HONEY! Let's go swimming in a sinkhole!"

Now a cenote is not your typical sinkhole you see on the news that has engulfed somebody's home. These are incredible caverns formed by underground rivers and springs. When you enter one of these spaces you feel like you have travelled back in time to the ancient Maya. Cenotes were a very important part of the Mayan religious experience and you will see why. You feel really connected with nature, so much so that you may even find it to be very spiritual.

The water is crystal clear. Really clear. More clear that you would find most people's pools in their backyard. The water is a mineral water since it has been filtered through the rocks. Just being it the water makes your skin feel more youthful. The caverns form some incredible shapes and you may even see some fish. The water is very calm and easy to swim. Most guides will also provide floatation assistance to those who have a hard time with their buoyancy.

This experience is great for the couple who is looking for a slightly adventurous romantic getaway because when you experience something as wonderful as this you will want to share it with someone special. It's also great for all age brackets. Kids will feel like they are explorers and seniors will feel that they have found the Fountain of Youth.

One thing is for sure when you are on a Caribbean vacation, don't let an experience pass you by just because of a translation. You might end up missing out on something amazing.

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