Swimming is a Total Body Workout  

by Pool Builders on 04-12-2009 in Articles

A total body workout focuses on all parts of the body each time a person works out. This type workout can be an aerobic class or a weight training exercise that makes all the muscle groups in your body move. According to John H Beebe, a Florida based Certified Professional Consultant, swimming is one of the best exercises for a total body workout. Not only does it help in losing extra weight, but it also helps in working out all the core muscle groups of your body.

John H Beebe says that it is important for beginners to exercise under the guidance of a trainer as performing a swimming exercise in a wrong way can lead to injury. As with any other exercise it is important to warm up before the exercise and cool down after it. John H Beebe emphasizes the importance of choosing a clean pool for swimming as unhygienic conditions in the pool can lead to waterborne infections.

John H Beebe lays importance on swimming as a full body exercise as one can increase stamina and cardiovascular fitness by regular swimming. Also, since all the muscles in the body move while swimming, it strengthens them and increases a person's overall fitness. Swimming also increases a person's flexibility as all the joints in the body move too when a person is swimming. John H Beebe says that the different styles in swimming ensure that all the muscles in the body get a good workout. Also, as a person is floating in water while swimming, there is no strain on muscles and there is very less chance of getting muscles pulled or any joint pains.

The best part about swimming, says John H Beebe, is that you do not need any specialized equipment, all one needs is a swimming pool and swimsuit. One can easily go to local swimming pool or join a swimming club for better guidance from experts.

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John H Beebe is a Florida-based Certified Professional Consultant.

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