Swimming to Lose Weight - How You Can Burn Fat While Swimming Laps

by Pool Builders on 07-09-2008 in Articles

When you're trying to lose weight, swimming can be a great way to do it. Many people find it more interesting than jogging, and it also works many muscles in your entire body making it a good choice for gaining fitness. The downside is that you'll most likely have to pay to use a swimming pool, but if you can afford it swimming is one of the best ways of burning fat.

When you first start out you will probably only be able to manage a few laps. Pick your favourite stroke (you can move on to using more than one in the future) and do some laps until you start to get tired. Every time you go you should aim to increase the number of laps you do if possible. You should start to find your stamina increases and you will be able to do more laps and hence burn off more fat.

Unfortunately, most swimming centres have a café or vending machine on the premises. Don't be tempted to reward yourself for doing exercise with a chocolate bar or bowl of chips, if you do all the hard work you put into swimming will be wasted! If you have to get something, have a light snack or even better, bring some fruit to eat afterwards.

You can burn fat while swimming laps, and it will make your whole body feel more toned and exercised. The secret to losing weight is to have fun doing it, and do exercise regularly. Set a time that each week you can dedicate to swimming and always make sure you go.

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