Swimwear for the Summer  

by Pool Builders on 06-25-2013 in Articles

The word 'summer' is one of those words you can't help but smile at; whether it conjures up images of a picnic or barbeque with the family, a relaxing drink in the beer garden or a holiday destination, it's almost guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Furthermore, with more daylight and warmer weather, it's the perfect excuse to have ice-creams and chilled glasses of wine at the ready; remember, if anybody asks, they're essential for keeping cool!

Summer is also a time for updating your wardrobe, essentially translating as an opportunity to buy clothes without feeling an ounce of guilt that you already have too many. New summer clothes are a necessity as opposed to a want, and you can relish in the purchase of skirts and dresses, finally storing those chunky knits at the bottom of the drawer. In the process of buying new clothes, you should also consider new swimwear. You can just picture it now; the sparkling sea beckoning you to take a dip, or deckchairs around the swimming pool just waiting to be filled. Do you really want to be wearing old swimwear the whole summer?

Now if you're under the impression that finding a new swimming costume or bikini is always, and will always, be a nightmare, just hold on for one second. What if you could follow some kind of checklist to help find the right style for you? Surely that would make the task a whole lot easier?

The main thing to remember when finding your perfect swimwear is to find one that fits your figure and also makes you feel great. How do you do this you ask? Simply by highlighting your best features and making the most of your assets. To draw attention to a certain area, use bright colours and patterns to catch people's eyes. To skim over or hide other areas, use a solid colour at all times. As with all items of clothing, you should ensure you use ruffles to add volume and ruched fabrics as a slimming effect.

Remember the cut of the swimwear matters too; a swimming costume will obviously provide more of a cover up than a bikini, so if you're a little body conscious, opt for a stylish costume to suit you. Whatever choice you make, make sure you buy something you're completely happy with, and that's all anybody can ever ask.

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