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As any regular pool swimmer knows, eventually even the hardiest swimwear gives up the fight against chemicals in the water.

Men are concerned just as much as women about the durability of their swim shorts and the only answer is to seek out technical fabrics. These must be chlorine-resistant but can also have very useful characteristics such as fast-dry, fade resistance and even an SPF factor to ward off UV rays from the sun.

Taking proper care of swimwear is always a huge help, but nothing survives for ever. The question really is - how long?

Swimmers used in a pool should be rinsed thoroughly after every use and dried away from direct heat. The same applies to beach holiday swimwear, which has to fight the effects of seawater, sun lotions, sand and probably being dried on the hotel balcony!

Competitive swimmers can opt for expensive, super high tech designs and at the other end of the market there are plenty of €fashion' ranges more deserving of a paddle than a plunge.

But even within high fashion collections, and definitely among those dedicated to swimmers who are serious without actually competing, there are fabrics and shapes designed with regular swimmers in mind.

Fabrics tend to be protected by patents, so watch for labels that explain how and why they last longer. For example Zoggs swimwear for men uses a fabric that promises fantastic shape retention and a €life' 25 times longer than an average material. Some of their designs also offer a UPF50+ rating.

Colourful Mexican brand Joe Snyder offers underwear that doubles as swimwear, largely due to its drying speed.

Fast-dry designs tend to use closer fitting cuts, but it is possible to buy looser boxer short styles for swimming that will dry quickly rather than glue themselves to the body when wet!

Swimmers, men in particular, should take a close look at their swimmers on a regular basis. The alternative is the embarrassment of discovering a semi-transparent patch of fabric on their swimwear in front of an audience at the pool€¦
This balding effect is known as €grinning' - which happens when the elastic yarn in swimwear succumbs to wear, tear and pool chemicals and snaps, creating unwelcome transparency, and sometimes bagginess too.

Staying stylish, comfortable and sleek in the pool really couldn't be simpler. Buying swimwear dedicated to pool swimmers means longer-lasting briefs and shorts, the right fit to glide through the water, colours that stay strong and confidence that you're not revealing more than your swimming prowess!

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