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Several types of swimming pools are available depending upon the place they are built in. Swimming pools can be a part of a palatial building, a home, schools, stadium and hotels. It can be above ground level, below ground level or the portable type. Above-ground swimming pools, as the name suggests are those types of swimming pools that are installed above ground level and are the cheapest option among the different types of swimming pools. In-ground swimming pools are not only the most popular, but also, the most expensive type of swimming pools that are available. There are four types of in-ground swimming pools that can be installed, vinyl-lined in-ground pools, fiberglass pools, poured concrete swimming pools and gunite pools.

Whatever is the type of pool, it is used for recreational purposes by everyone. People come to refresh themselves, relax and enjoy while swimming in the pool. A swimming pool is exposed to the external environment as well as being a party to a large number of people. The exposed environment makes the swimmers come in contact with dirt and debris, which can cause infection in the body. A pool is a place to enjoy swimming in plain and lucid water therefore it becomes very important to maintain hygiene and reduce the risk of spreading infection.

There are a wide range of swimming pool supplies, which are used to keep the pool clean and hygienic. Pool supplies include swimming pool filter, pool ladder, ozone generator, heat pump, heater, pool covers, liners, pool & spa filter cartridges and other equipment. Pool cleaners offer a cost effective option for pool cleaning, for those who do not want to spend money on a regular cleaner's, visit charges. Coupled with the right chemicals these pool cleaners can keep your swimming pool clean and hygienic.

There are three different types of pool filters: sand, diatomaceous earth (DE), and cartridge. A sand filter is the oldest and most common method of pool filtration. Sand filters do a fine job, but require backwashing in order to clean the filter. A properly maintained filter will reduce the pressure in your entire filtration system, keep water flowing smoothly and reduce the wear and tear on your equipment.

Automatic pool cleaners are equipped with an internal filter bag or a cartridge which serves to catch the vacuumed debris. Both Cartridge cleaners and filter bag cleaners provide excellent cleaning results. Filter bags can be washed in a standard washing machine without detergent once they have been emptied of large debris and rinsed. The Cartridge cleaner, simply needs to be removed from the unit and washed off with water from a garden hose.

Diatomaceous earth or DE filters are the most expensive type of pool filters. This medium comes from fossilized material ground into powder form. DE powder is coated on the filter material, enabling the filter system to catch the finest particles. DE filters have the finest filtering property and are suitably expensive as well. An automatic pool cleaner will help you save time and hard work in cleaning the pool. These cleaners use advanced technology and can remove debris, dirt, twigs, sand, bugs, leaves and pebbles from the pool.

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