T-Cell-15 Ensures Your Commercial Pool Remains Constantly Sanitized  

by Pool Builders on 06-27-2012 in Articles

Maintaining a commercial swimming pool requires ten times the effort and attention as that of a residential pool. It is often a tedious job to ensure that the public pool remains clean and free of bacteria and algae at all times. Whether it is a pool at a club, school, apartment complex or a hotel, its maintenance is paramount. T-cell-15 units are designed to take on commercial pools without a problem. Here is why you should consider the unit for your commercial pool.

Why Chlorination is Essential

Unlike the conventional way of chlorinating pool water, with T-cell-15 you can simply install the product and let it do all the hard work. Chlorine is an essential aspect of a safe swimming experience. When you have hundreds of unknown people swim in your public pool, hygiene becomes an indispensable issue. Bacteria constantly thrive on the human body. When people enter the pool, harmful microbes are carried along too. Moreover, germs and bacteria are always present in the atmosphere and in the water. Traditionally, it is difficult to maintain the right chlorine content in the water at all times. Chlorine generators ensure the optimal content of the vital chemical is continuously regulated.

Regular Supply of Chlorine

The T-cell-15 extracts chlorine from ordinary table salt through the process of electrolysis. Simply supply the pool with a specified amount of sodium chloride or table salt as stated in the product instructions. The unit produces up to 1.45 pounds of chlorine throughout a single day.

Worth the Cost

The one-time cost of purchasing the system is worth the investment. It is engineered to withstand rust, and offer long-lasting supply of chlorine without breaking down. It can perform for years, cutting down on the overall cost of purchasing chlorine on a regular basis. You also save on having the commercial pool cleaned of algae and moss. T-cell-15 is a simple yet highly effectual product that uses basic chemistry to solve pool sanitation problems. The system is extremely user-friendly to install and operate.

Its self-cleaning system rids the unit of mineral residue, which can prevent the cell from working efficiently. In addition, you don't have to worry about its maintenance all the time.

As the world continues to advance in the ways of technology, even the feature of water chlorination is not left unattended. You can now own a public pool without worrying about regular chlorination. Uphold the reputation of your school, club or hotel with excellent chlorination system.

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