Tabletop Accessories and Decorations for a Pool Party  

by Pool Builders on 07-29-2011 in Articles

Summer time means fun in the sun and planning great gatherings with your friends. Pool parties are a great summer time activity. You can invite children and adults alike to enjoy the outdoors, go for a swim, and have some great poolside food. But you don't have to keep things just as they are, decorating with tabletop accessories, beverage dispensers and more can really make the party that much more special.

When it comes to decorating with tabletop accessories, get creative. Summer is about bright colors and fun in the sun. Look for party supplies like plates, napkins and flatware in bright colors. Whether it's solids in a variety of colors or pieces with fun and wacky designs, it's all about celebrating the fun that is summer. Have a flatware caddy ready with all your utensils for them to grab and go.

You can also decorate with glass beverage dispensers. They are often beautiful enough to be their own centerpiece. Fill them with summer drinks like lemonade and iced tea and keep plastic cups nearby so everyone can enjoy, especially when the sun is bearing down.

If your pool is way in the back of the house and you'd rather people go around the house rather than through it, have fun with signs. Create colorful, easy to read signs that lead everyone from the front of the house to the back, inviting them to make their way. Line the path with fun items like beach balls. Then you can invite people to go grab them for the pool when they are ready to take a dip.

Decorate the pool with fun things, beyond just toys they can use. Put rubber duckies as a gag, or floating lights at night. Another great way to light up the place as the sun sets is to break out your Christmas lights. Wrap them around trees and line the pathway so everyone can still see. It creates a dimly lit, beautiful ambiance with all the colors. There's nothing wrong with a bit of Christmas in the summer!

Make sure the invitations you send out match the theme! Make them colorful and fun, with a summer theme inviting everyone to enjoy a dip on your pool. With all the right decorations and table accessories, people will really love the vibe you set up. It's sure to be a party they talk about for the rest of the year, anticipating the next one next summer!

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