Take Your Swimming Pool Safety To A High-Tech Level

by Pool Builders on 02-24-2011 in Articles

When you were growing up, it's likely that swimming pool fences weren't mandatory. Swimming pool accidents and drowning deaths are still too common, prior to requirements for fences around the pool and locking gates, the incidences were higher than they are now.

You can't construct a swimming pool today without installing pool fencing. Municipalities require it as a part of the minimum level of security and it will be inspected by a code enforcement officer. Regardless of the fencing you install, a curious child can find a way to scale it and fall into the pool if it is unsupervised.

There have been so many technological advances today that have moved pool security well beyond chain link fences. Many pool owners are looking at the safety and security of their swimming pools in a whole different light. On the market today are security technologies that take pet and child safety into consideration.

A swimming pool fence may be required but many pool owners are looking into other measures including infrared motion detectors. There are also several types of pool alarms that are being installed in swimming pools - in fact some are required by municipal law. If you opt for an infrared motion detector, these devices sense when the light beam has been broken and sounds an alarm. These detectors offer myriad levels of sensitivity so you would want to experiment to get the correct setting. You don't want your pool alarm going off if a leaf or a twig falls into the pool in the middle of the night.

There are floating security devices that are also equipped with motion sensors. These security items are usually battery operated. They sound an alarm when there is movement on the water. Again, with this type of motion sensor you will want to experiment until you get the setting that won't go off when the pool jets begin circulating the water. You'll want them to go off when there's movement of several pounds or more that hit the water and disturb it to the point that the alarm goes off.

Motion activated cameras are becoming one of the pool safety measures of choice among many pool owners. These cameras work on the same premise as the motion-activated alarms or infrared devices. The cameras can be programmed to sweep the pool area and constantly monitor the area or can be programmed to activate once motion is detected in the vicinity. These cameras are wired to a television monitor or computer in a central location in the home. They can also be equipped with an alarm that can sound when motion is detected as well.

Regardless of the type of high tech pool security and safety device you install you will still need to install a swimming pool fence. And no matter what type of security device you use, nothing is a substitute for vigilance and supervision by adults when children are in or around the pool.

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