Take a Quick Look at Pool Thermometers

by Pool Builders on 04-10-2010 in Articles

Most people know that having your own swimming pool in the backyard is a fun experience for the entire family. One important thing is having the pool water at the correct temperature to make sure you and your family are able to enjoy it most of the year. While there are various pool heaters on the market that will make sure your water is warm early in the spring or into the late fall, how do you know you have the correct temperature for the pool water.

Since most people who own a pool want to be aware of the pool water temperature, it's important they have a good pool thermometer. Depending on the temperature of the air, or what season it is, I usually check the pool water's temperature before diving in to make sure it's just right for me. During the summer months I usually want the pool water to be a bit cooler. Being able to extend your use of your pool in the spring and fall months is great as long as you consider the water temperature to be comfortable.

When you're shopping for a pool thermometer you'll find a wide variety ranging from novelty, no frills, standard, and cutting edge qualities. There are two major kinds of pool thermometers - digital and analog.

Analog thermometers can be broken down further into two general categories. There are both floating and hanging thermometers. I personally prefer the hanging thermometers over the floating kind as they give a much more accurate temperature reading.

Readings can be taken from several inches or even feet beneath the surface of the water, and the temperature at the surface is generally warmer. Kids seem to prefer the floating thermometers, though, because they come designed as toys, animals or other objects that can be fun and attractive.

It seems the digital pool thermometers are quite accurate at measuring the temperature of your pool water. These thermometers are constructed using sturdy materials that make them easily resistant to sunlight and chemicals. However, it seems digital thermometers are often not a long-lasting as a more traditional analog thermometer. Several of the digital models even have added features such a clocks and timers.

Since you want to make sure the temperature of the water is right for your personal comfort, that's when a pool thermometer can help. These thermometers are invaluable to have when your pool has a heater. It will be able to keep track of the heating system at all times. With such a wide choice of models, you'll be sure to find the pool thermometer that will exactly fit your needs. Keep in mind you can make sure your swimming pool is the greatest entertainment for your entire family with the correct accessories.

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