Take into Account Pool Problems Faced by Pool Owners  

by Pool Builders on 10-01-2008 in Articles

When you own a home with a swimming pool, you can enjoy refreshing breaks from the sunshine and enjoy fun times with your friends and family. If you experience these common pool problems rest assured, they are easy and not costly to handle. Learning to recognize common pool problems and how to fix them will give you more time to enjoy your pool and a healthier, cleaner swimming opportunity. Once you have pinned down your problems and solved them you can also avoid them afterwards through weekly maintenance and monitoring.

There's Calcium, Debris and Algae, Oh My!

The most common problems that pool owners have to confront are calcium, debris, algae, burning eyes, chlorine odor and cloudy pool water. Calcium accumulates around the edges of pools and in the filtering system's moving parts. Calcium is not bad for swimmers but it may be unattractive and it can, over time; choke up your filtering system. Algae while most commonly green, comes in many forms and if your pool has it in any form, no one will want to enter it. Debris can be a real hassle especially for Arizonans during the monsoon season as you may have to skim the pool daily to keep it clean.

Improper chemical maintenance of your pool is likely the cause of many of your other complaints. The wrong amount of chlorine, pH too high or too low, total alkalinity too low or calcium too high can lead to a variety of issues like an unclear pool or stinging eyes. Luckily there are easy solutions to all of your common pool problems that you can do yourself or with a bit of help.

If your water is hard, you will likely need to find a chlorine product that does not contain calcium hypochlorite which can result in higher levels of calcium deposits creating more problems. Checking your chemical levels should lesson mineral buildups and keep your pool clear so you avoid a strong chlorine smell and keep your eyes from burning. Debris can be a real annoyance but unless you want to buy a pool cover it is a part of daily pool care. Skim your pool daily and be sure to check your filter often, spraying it down with a hose as needed.

Cheap Fixes for Your Chemical Levels and Other Pool Problems

The first step to solving many general pool problems is to visit a local store that specializes in swimming pools and pool products. There you can purchase a testing kit that can show you very quickly what your calcium, pH and alkalinity levels are. If you realize that your chemical levels are off there are many quality products available to get the chemicals in your pool to an acceptable level.

Getting Full Enjoyment out of Your Beautiful Pool

If you take the time to understand the chemical levels in your swimming pool and the symptoms of low or high chemicals, you will soon know exactly what is off and how to fix it quickly. Your reward will be a clear, sparkling, safe swimming pool for the whole family and your only issue will be how big the pool slide should be and what kind of pool furniture to buy.

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