Taking Care of Above Ground Swimming Pool to Enjoy Without Any Interruption  

by Pool Builders on 12-13-2012 in Articles

The above ground swimming pool placed in the backyard of your house can bring enormous joy to not only to the kids but for the entire family. Kids, who spend plenty of time sitting on the computers or in the front of television and the Internet, would find the above ground swimming pool a whole new opportunity to blast off. This will also lead to equilibrium in the development of their body as well as minds. On the part of the parent's role, they must ensure that the pool remains a safe playing zone for the kids and does not become a pool of diseases that might harm children as well as adults. The maintenance of the swimming pool would be on the top of the list and there are plenty of suggestions to be considered in this regard.

1. Maintain proper sanitation inside the pool: As pool is just another playing arena for your kids, you must ensure 100% hygiene and never let the water become a source of illness. In this regard, you can take help of a Pump & Water Filter which would refine the water and discard any kind of water-borne elements like fungi, algae, leafless plants and insects. The role of the water pump is to disperse the water inside the pool which never let these elements stagnant in the water. Both the pump & filter needs to be operated for good 8-10 hours to maintain the pool's hygiene and play safe.

2. Cleaning the pool from inside: As discussed above, the growth of algae and fungi will lead to growth of water bacteria, it is necessary to clean the pool's floor and wall from inside and eliminate any form of green algae present on the pool's body. This green algae formation also results in making the pool's body slippery and uncomfortable. Wiping the walls and floor of the pool or using a vacuum to clean the pool once in a week will bring down the growth of the algae to minimum. Cleaning the pool may even cost you few hundred bucks but this will save you from spending money on getting treated from a doctor.

3. Make water fit for play: Even though the pool is properly cleaned up, now the water must be monitored to stay away from any kind of health issues. Both the chlorine and the PH level of the water should be closely monitored because any ups & downs on these chemicals level will bring in certain health complications. Shock treatment of the water in this regard is much of a help.

4. Cover up the pool in off-season: Above ground swimming pools maintenance is not only limited to summer seasons but in winters too they requires certain amount of care. A well maintain above ground swimming pool in an off-season requires less amount of over-hauling in the next summer season. It is advisable to cover up the pool with a proper cover before leaving it unused or on the arrival of winters.

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