Taking the Danger Out of Pools

by Pool Builders on 01-07-2008 in Articles

For many families, their dream house includes a pool. However, for the people that have had pools before, they know that pools can cause nightmares also if an accident occurs. This is why there is a true need for businesses that offer all types of pool owners; dependable accident-proof pool safety.

In many communities, there are clear laws of how pools should be maintained so that accidents will not occur. These are not always the best solutions though, but the easiest to provide. Usually fences enclose pools, so that small children are not able to wander into pool areas. We all know that children can be amazing escape artists though and accomplish unbelievable acts, one being; slipping through a fence that is supposed to protect them.

This is why you will want to make your product known by pool owners as a backup to their pool safety features. Offer to install a pool sensor that will sound loudly as soon as a wave or ripple is made in their pool, when not in use. These sensors come in many different prices and sizes. You could offer a small installation fee, and then charge them around $10 a month, to maintain the sensor on a regular basis.

Your business would regularly check the sensors to make sure that they are working appropriately, adjusting them if need be. One visit every 3-4 weeks would probably be enough, as long as the customers are happy with it. In addition, offer them your services at any time if they have a problem, let them know that they can call and you will arrive as quickly as possible, to fix any problems they may have. Standing by your products is important.

To advertise your services you will need to invest in business cards and brochures that will explain your products and services. Each community should have records of the homes that have pools, since permits are required when installing pools. These records can be helpful in targeting your customers.

You can also offer your products to businesses that have pools like; hotels, motels, public pools, community pools etc. Most of these have time limits on the use of their pools in the late evening and for safety reasons, would benefit greatly from an alarm system when the pool is not supposed to be accessed. Devices like these installed in pools can help with insurance issues for businesses also, assuring that intoxicated individuals, nonpaying guests, and such, are not using their pool while it is closed.

Since most people think that a good fence is all that is needed for pool safety, you should make sure that you educate yourself on the latest statistics involving the accidental drowning of pets and people in your area. Knowing these will help you in convincing customers to pay the extra money to keep their pools and families safe.

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