Teach Yourself to Swim Consistently and With Less Effort

by Pool Builders on 04-10-2010 in Articles

Do you want to swim consistently and with less effort? Then find out how to get your body in sync or in rhythm with itself. What do I mean by rhythm? You know, when you have all the components of swimming working together in such a way that you swim almost effortlessly.

It could be your arm stroke or the way you kick, consider every aspect of your style to see what needs to be worked on to help improve your swim. Think about your breathing also, this could be a key point in getting into a good rhythm. If your breathing is out of sync with the rest of what you do it will really throw you off.

Swim some easy laps in a pool and pay attention to every aspect of your freestyle technique. You should be noticing if anything is not matching up with the other things. Such as your arm strokes and when you are turning your head are off. Or even how your body is positioned in the water.

A lot of factors come into play when swimming and you need to get them all working together, not fighting each other. As you swim and notice something try to get it corrected before you work on the next thing. When you get it under control try to pick out something else that seems out of line.

As you make corrections to your freestyle technique you now must keep aware of it so each time you swim you can conquer that so it becomes natural to you. Practice until it all becomes second nature to you and you will find yourself making great improvements.

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