Teaching A Young Child to Swim  

by Pool Builders on 05-01-2012 in Articles

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Do you have young one who is trying to learn how to swim? This is a tough challenge for both the child and the parent, and is a large stepping stone in the process of growing up. Therefore, it's important when teaching young ones how to swim that you approach the task both with excitement and patience. Here are some great tips to help make the process just a bit easier:

1 - Floaties are a great way to introduce a child to water without overwhelming them. The use of the floaties will keep a child above water, and give the child the confidence they need to tackle the task at hand. Additionally, children love unique toys, and there are many fun and exciting floaties out there perfect for childhood.

2 - Use prizes or rewards for when your child completes her first swim. Take your young one out for a special treat, embedding that swimming can be a fun and rewarding experience. By placing swimming in a positive light, your child is more likely to want to go out and try it again. And of course, practice makes perfect, so the more you child goes out and dives into the water the better they will be.

3 - Make sure you get into the water with your child. Turn this experience into a bonding moment. If you stand on the outside while your son or daughter explores the pool, you're not sending a positive message. Instead, get into the pool with them, splash around, and make sure you have fun! Children take after their parents, and look to their parents for guidance, so if you have fun in the water, your child is more likely to enjoy the sport.

4 - Incorporate your child's friends! Bringing friends along to the pool or local water park is a great way to turn this into an even bigger adventure. Now your child can learn alongside his or her friends, making the task an even more enjoyable one. In addition to just having fun, friends will help make your child see that they are not the only one first learning.

5 - Lastly, enroll your child into swimming classes for added benefit. Swimming classes will help relieve their nervousness knowing they are joining a class just for beginners. Just like having friends around, knowing that others there are just learning can help add a bit more confidence.

Whichever way you decide to go when teaching your child how to swim, it's just important to make sure they experience is an enjoyable one, reinforcing their desire and confidence. Make sure before going into this experience that you are ready for the challenge, and have patience. Remember, it was not an easy task when you first learned how to swim. Perhaps spend some time retelling that story to your young one.

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