Teaching Children How to Swim

by Pool Builders on 06-21-2009 in Articles

At school, most children start learning how to swim at about three years of age. This article covers some of the best tips for making the learning process easier and more enjoyable.

Finding the right swimming school is the first big step. A place that is caring and family-friendly is essential, and of course one that teaches the correct techniques for swimming. Choosing a school entirely based on closeness to where you live is not a good idea since different schools teach varying techniques and some are geared more to experienced swimmers with a high level of endurance.

Preparing for a swim class is simple enough and you should have a water-proof swim bag, towels, swim costume and a cap and goggles if you feel that you need them. Of course some spare clothes to change into afterward is also a good idea.

Making sure the swim cap and the goggles are not too tight is advisable and using Vaseline on exposed areas of the body is a good idea if the child shivers a lot after swimming. A full body swimsuit can be used if the problem is especially severe since these can be designed to make the swimmer feel warmer. Another important thing to consider is that a child should not eat at all at least two hours before the swimming lesson.

Floaters are often frowned upon by swimming schools and believe that they give the child a false sense of safety and comfort and that once they stop being used it will be very hard for the child to adjust having got too used to them.

During swimming lessons, there should not be a lot of pressure on the child since swimming is something that is learned in their own time, depending on their own abilities. Being encouraging and patient are essential to motivating the child and it is important to avoid having too high expectations and not try to pressure the swimming instructor to put the child in higher levels since any good instructor will know what they are doing.

Children should shower after any swimming lesson regardless of how clean the pool is and having something to drink and eat is a good idea once the lesson is over.

The holiday period is also a great time for children to have extra classes since they will have more time.

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