Teaching Children to Swim

by Pool Builders on 09-14-2009 in Articles

Each year many children drown not only in the surf, rivers and creeks but also in back yard swimming pools. Drowning is quick and silent, it takes only a few minutes inattention for a child to slide into a pool and drown.

Children are usually attracted to the water, whether it is because they see older siblings enjoying themselves or just like the look of a clean pool. Children do not see or understand the dangers. Adequate pool fencing and a proper child proof gate will prevent many cases of drowning but it is not fool or child proof. Chairs from outdoor settings, bikes etc lent up against pool the pool fence, upturned bins and the like are all ways children can gain access to the pool as well as older siblings not closing the gate properly or gaming it open.

Another issue is a child's confidence near water. Many parents will use flotation aids when teaching children to swim. These are great and help a child gain confidence in the water. It must be impressed on the child that they cannot yet swim properly and that it is the particular device which is helping them. Too many children have drowned thinking they can swim and jumped in the water without the device.

Many parents enjoy teaching their children to swim themselves and some children respond to this quite well. Teaching children to swim take patience and for those who are able to swim understanding a hesitant child can be very frustrating. Sometimes these children are better suited to learn to swim lessons with a trained swimming teacher. In this way a timid or frightened child will see others learning the same thing and be more willing to try. A trained teacher knows ways of encouraging children to try something new and will take the child through a series of learning games to build confidence.

Many swim schools do include water safety talks to children.

One of the advantages using a swim school is that once a child is taught to stay afloat and swim in a fashion, they can continue on and learn the proper techniques of the swimming strokes which will increase strength and endurance. Children gain mush pleasure not only from swimming but playing with siblings and friends in a pool or at the beach or creek. Being able to swim strongly and knowing and understanding the safety aspects of the water and surrounds is vital.

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