Teaching Kids to Swim

by Pool Builders on 08-11-2010 in Articles

An important part of learning how to teach kids to swim is ensuring that you, yourself, have plenty of patience. It is also important to be supportive when you teach kids to swim because not every child will be excited about this.

Things You'll Need For When You Teach Kids To Swim

When you teach kids to swim you will need:

  • A swimsuit
  • A kickboard

Teach Your Child How To Kick

You will want to get your child started by having him kick his legs. He can hold onto the side of the pool while doing this so that you can help him understand the way that his legs should be moving. Once he understands this movement, you will want to hold him under his armpits and allow him to get the feeling of movement. Next move him onto using a kickboard and allowing him to paddle around the pool with your supervision.

Teach Your Child To Move Their Arms

Put your arms around your child's waist or chest and allow him to start using his arms. You should be able to demonstrate this movement to your child yourself before you work on guiding his arms. Once he begins understanding the way that his arms should move, allow him to do it himself while you support him in the water. Then, eventually get him to start kicking his legs at the same time that he is also moving his arms.

Have Your Child Swim A Short Distance

Once your child is able to kick his feet and move his arms at the same time you can start allowing him to swim a short distance from the wall to where you are standing in the pool. He should actually be able to jump to you at first.


It is important to take your time with each of these steps. Don't move on until your child is ready to do so. After all, the most important thing is to ensure that your child is comfortable in the water. Playing lots of games and going slow will really help.

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