Teaching a Child To Swim at an Early Age Is a Lifetime Investment Into Their Health and Wellbeing  

by Pool Builders on 08-21-2012 in Articles

As a parent of young children, you are probably concerned about them being around water and with good reason. Drowning is a leading cause of death in young British children and you don't need to have a swimming pool for your child to be at risk. Children can drown in just a few inches of water. This means if your child is near any kind of water, even a puddle of water, they are potentially in danger if they don't know how to swim. If you have a child, enrolling them in swimming classes may be the best lifetime investment you can make into their welfare and safety.

Safety Around The Home

When you combine swimming lessons with home safety, you are providing your child with a wonderful safety net to protect them. There are things you can do around the house to protect them, such as ensuring you remain with them when they are in the bath. If you or your neighbour has a natural water source in the garden such as a brook or pond, ensure you fence it if you have very young children who risk falling into it.

Despite all these safety measures however, children have an uncanny way of slipping through safety nets and this is why learning how to swim and not to panic if they fall into water can make all the difference should they find themselves in water. Lessons will help your child develop water confidence and help them instinctively know what to do should an accident happen.

Never Too Young or Old to Learn

It is never too early or too late to enrol your child in classes. Most swimming pools hold classes for babies and toddlers and formal classes for school-aged children. Like any new skill that a child or adult learns, practice makes perfect. If you do decide to take your child to learn to swim classes, these classes should be on-going throughout the year, so that the child does not forget the skills they learn during the classes.

A Sport That Grows With Them

This is particularly important with very young children, as classes for this age group focus on safety and water awareness rather than strokes and actual swimming techniques. As the child grows and develops physically, they are better able to handle the co-ordination required to swim properly and need on-going instruction in swimming techniques. Enrolling your child in swimming classes, may not only keep them physically safe as young children, but invest into them a sporting interest that will keep them healthy throughout their lives

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