Techniques Used for Maintaining Diamond Jewelry  

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There are a lot of measures that are to be incorporated by a person possessing diamond jewelry in order to keep them shining as they were when they were bought. Storing it in the proper place and cleaning it at regular intervals are two key ways of keeping them alluring and sparkling.

Jewelry users can care for these precious acquisitions themselves, but they are advised to obtain professional cleansing by an expert jeweler at least once each year to ensure that any worn out mounts or shaky prongs are noticed early.

A few general guidelines for keeping diamond jewelry at the pink of their health

The diamond jewelries should be kept and dry places. The diamond jewelry containers should be kept in simple storage boxes. Many think that keeping them in sophisticated boxes will keep them preserved but many necklaces get tangled in these sophisticated boxes only. Only thing required in a jewelry box is velvet cloth padding. One can also opt for covering each item with soft cloth.

Many use the ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning their diamond necklaces and sophisticated designed earrings. One should be very cautious while using these cleaners since these cleaners operates very fast. The high speed cleaning might also damage the outer layer of the diamond and might result in loss of shine and sparkle.

Measures to be taken for diamonds

Diamonds might look robust and might be the hardest element on earth but still does need special care. They are finely cut and polished before being studded inside a necklace, ring, or earring. The glitter of diamonds comes from the light which enters through the diamonds surface and goes through many internal reflections. This is why keeping the surface of a diamond free from dust, smudge, and griminess. Keeping them in clean place and dry places will save them from the above mentioned problems and the brilliance of a diamond will be kept intact.

One should try to make minimum contact with the stones studded in the jewelry, so that no fingerprints come on the diamond. The diamond jewelries are not for regular use, so anybody doing any kind of rough work should not wear it while doing the work.
Exposure to chlorine might result in the loss of the glaze of the diamond stone and so wearing diamonds while dealing with chlorine bleaches is a strict no. The people who have a habit of swimming should put their diamond rings off before getting into the swimming pool since the water present inside the swimming pools in chlorinated.

Soft bristle brushes and tissue papers are best for cleaning the diamond stones. As cleansers a dilute solution of ammonia water can do wonders in bringing the lost shine of diamonds back. The dust and filth mainly gets accumulated around the prongs and setting areas, gentle scrub in these areas will suffice. After the cleansing is complete one should keep the diamond jewelry on a piece of tissue paper and let it dry. One should avoid touching the jewelry for that time being.

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