Tel Aviv Jaffa-A classic place to visit   

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Tel Aviv Jaffa is one of the most enchanting cities of Israel. It can ensure that the visitors enjoy them bountifully in this place.

Travel to Tel Aviv Jaffa is easy as many international flights like El Al go there. Users will face no lack of Tel Aviv flights options. All the flights land on the Ben Gurion International Airport. It also has a mall so that visitors can get authentic Israeli items. People also do not need to worry about their own security, as it is one of the safest airports in the world. This airport is not present in the city of Tel Aviv Jaffa, but rather it is located in the Loda city. For enjoying
Tel Aviv travel, people can now enter the city either through boarding a train from the airport only. The train station is located on the terminal three of the airport. It ensures that you can get to any place in the country. One can easily get tickets from the cashier. This train service ensures that visitors can catch almost three trains per hour during the daytime and one every hour in the night to various places in the country. The best part about traveling to tel Aviv through this airport is that one can also board a taxi to reach there.
Tel aviv jaffa restaurant is famous all over the world for their cuisines. The tourists can enjoy all kinds of foods here like spaghetti, burgers and seafood. Some of the excellent hotels are located near the tel Aviv stock exchange. Old jaffa is also home to many restaurants.
Therefore, you can ensure that you eat tasty Iraqi pita breads apart from meats and oriental salads. One restaurant in this city offers tourists 60 kinds of spaghettis. One get all types of meat right from chicken breasts to turkey.
The tel aviv jaffa beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The tourists can enjoy themselves on the Hatzuk Beach. This beach is not as crowded as the other beaches in this area. It will also cost you less in the months of summer to be on this beach. You can have a peaceful time on this beach. One can relish having breakfast on the hotel balcony enjoying a great view of this beach. Gordon beach is also one of the highlights of the place. It also has a famous swimming pool called Gordon Swimming Pool. This pool contains salt water only.
You can also enjoy great water sports on these beaches. Try paragliding at the Dolphinarium Beach. One can also ride the banana boat on this beach to enjoy the topsy-turvy movements in water. A sea center is also located on the Hilton beach where one can comfortably enjoy sea surfing lessons. Therefore, tel Aviv offers combination of both modern and oriental culture to the world. Therefore, so many people prefer it now. It is one of those cities in the world that never sleeps. Taking your family to this city means a memorable time of your lives.

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